A five-week intimate coaching circle to gather your resources, amplify abundance and
​​​​​​​powerfully complete your year.
How can you harvest this moment,
​​​​​​​so ripe with possibilities?

In the sacred turning of the wheel in the Northern Hemisphere, the season of Autumn calls us to finish up the business of the year. It’s the time to take stock of our resources, harness the fading light, and nourish our deeper desires with gratitude. Not just for all we’ve created and received, but also for our capacity to let go in the face of the great mystery.

It’s a moment ripe with potency and promise if we can recognize it. One that can usher us into the quiet womb of winter for rest and rebirthing. Or one that can leave us entangled in the past year’s limitations and incompletions for another round of lessons.

The circle begets the circle. So dear sister, the question really is:

Are you in a spin cycle?

Or firmly rooted in your center?

Or somewhere in between?

Because you are whole, complete and resourceful, it’s true that only you have the answers. But beware, that doesn’t mean you’re supposed to figure it out alone.

The feminine, our Shakti, thrives in supportive, collaborative circles full of fierce love where her beautiful wisdom can unfurl. Not in hierarchical, stress-inducing, mind-dominated, hyper-masculine linear “realities” that separate and isolate.

As a Professional Certified Coach with over two decades of expertise privately coaching thousands of women and leading countless group coaching programs, I have proven practices to help you unlock your wisdom, transform obstacles and get you centered back in your authentic feminine power, your Shakti.

Toward that end, I have a brand new, exclusive and more affordable offering for you than my standard private sessions.

Harvest: An intimate 5-week, group coaching cohort
​​​​​​​for 13 women only.

In a series of three private coaching sessions with me plus two extended on-line group circles and other bonuses, we will immerse ourselves in the transformational power available to us in this seasonal portal. It begins upon your enrollment and we will complete by the winter solstice, December 21st. Available only to the first 13 women to respond.

How Does This Process Work?

First I will support you with some assessment and deeper inquiry into what you most desire right now. Then we’ll translate that into a focused outcome you want to “womanifest” with ease and joy in our 5 weeks together. We’ll create a delicious plan weaving together both masculine and feminine creative energies, action and surrender. We’ll fluff your nest with the loving support, encouragement, sisterhood, resources and co-creative collaboration your feminine genius needs to strengthen her wings. Then we’ll toast and celebrate you as you take flight!

What Intention Should I Focus On?

This may already be crystal clear for you. If not, we will uncover that in our assessment phase. Here are some areas to consider.

At year end, you may find yourself longing to finish a project you started so you can feel the sweet relief of completion and more fully relax into the holidays. Or maybe the goal is to simply move one forward that got stuck. Or jump start one that you thought you’d initiate but didn’t get to this year.

Imagine what you could do in 5 weeks if you honed your focus, worked with your feminine super powers, and received expert holding from a coach dedicated to your vision inside a cohort of women committed to the same?

Maybe you want to shift from procrastination to inspiration and use this time to stoke your creative fire. It’s time to clear out the debris and make way for the new. Maybe you’re truly ready for the relief that comes from purging, organizing, and bringing your life into order. So you can cozy up with an exquisite sense of deep peace for the winter.

Perhaps you’ve been working hard all year and you want to wind down. You could use help letting go, surrendering and cultivating trust. So the coaching support you need may be more around making space for self care and soul time, harvesting the bounty from your labors, and preparing for hibernation.

Likely, it’s some combination of all the above and more. We will figure it out together in our private coaching sessions plus you’ll be carried along by the winds of alchemical change being generated by your other sisters in the circle.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • Intake & Assessment coaching practices
  • Three private coaching sessions with Lisa (45-minutes each, via phone or Skype)
  • Two extended live group coaching, support and teaching segments 90 minutes each and recorded, via Zoom; Thursdays, Nov. 29 and Dec. 13, 12-1:30 pm PST (7 am Sydney, 8 pm UK)
  • Bonus materials, audio programs and supplemental practices
  • Private “What’s App” text sharing group for additional support, checking in and sisterhood (optional)
  • “Buddy” support with the other participants (optional)

This is a brand new offering I’m making available only to the first 13 women to register. It’s an opportunity to be part of something powerful and transformational, at a considerably more affordable price than my individual client coaching and program rates.

​​​​​​​Because I’m “beta-testing” this new idea and looking to effortlessly attract the first 13 women who resonate with this circle, I'm offering it at a discount of half-off my normal rates and at a fraction the cost of comparable coaching programs that start at $5,000.

Be one of the first 13 women to say “YES” and take your place in my first ever, “Harvest” private and group coaching circle.

It would be my honor to be your coach

I’m Lisa Schrader and for over two decades, I’ve guided thousands of women like you on a profound journey into awakening their sacred feminine Shakti. I believe I was chosen to be the first sacred sexuality and Tantra teacher to speak on Oprah precisely because I’m not one of those ungrounded, guru-speak teachers living in some distant ashram.

I teach what has worked in my own life as a devoted mother, successful entrepreneur and a top-tier coach. As a recovering over-achiever who’s survived workaholism, two miscarriages, and the devastation of divorce after 20 years of marriage. And now as a postmenopausal woman who has learned to love her sovereign self, found sacred partnership with the man of her dreams, and feels more turned-on now than ever before.

I invite you to take my hand and allow me to support you as your coach in co-creating what you most desire for you life.